About us

The team behind Merebit s.r.o. and its subsidiary Eufactory a.s. has more than 16 years of experience in the implementation of automation, development and production of customer and own products in the field of robotics, control and measurement.

We are able to solve complex automation in the field of laboratory operations, biotechnology, pharmaceutical production, food industry as well as other industries. We are an integrator of robotic manipulators from the Swiss company Stäubli and the Japanese company Omron, supplying not only robots but also a wide portfolio of parts for robotics and automation.

The company owns:

  • facilities of its own prototype workshop (CNC milling machine, lathe, 3D printing (stereolithography and FFF), TIG welding, etc.)

  • Software for CAD design and computer analysis

  • in-house electronic and SW laboratory

  • in-house testing laboratory (microbiology, analytical chemistry, process and material testing, etc.)

  • facilities for line commissioning

The company has a sales stock of the most commonly used components such as motors, drivers, linear axes, etc.

The company has defined ground rules from the beginning:

  • quick response to demand

  • detailed testing of the proposed solution through prototypes and simulations

  • fast implementation of the order

  • use of image analysis to optimize the operation of the equipment

  • implementation of advanced SW and HW features, which allows for comprehensive auto and online diagnostics and quick resolution of any problems, which is why we are able to provide a standard two-year warranty

  • striving for a socially sensitive approach to people who lose their jobs due to automation